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Animal welfare at farm in Moscow Region will be improved

The creating costs for one subsidized cattle place on farms needs to be increased from 450 thousand rubles to 550-600 thousand rubles; these funds will make it possible to equip more comfortable stalls for animals, told Andrey Razin, the Minister of Agriculture and Food of the Moscow Region, at the Fifth International Agro-Industrial Dairy Forum.

“Colleagues from the Dairy Union said they had already submitted this proposal to the Ministry of Agriculture and we are very glad about it. One subsidized cattle stall cost 450 thousand rubles; and in some projects –up to 1 million rubles. We understand the million being the top, but I think that 550-600 thousand rubles for a cattle stall is something worth to be made a target. This includes additional requirements in order to create comfort for animals,” Andrei Razin said.
The Minister explained that this, in particular, is about the space for one cattle head.
“This is a longer and wider cattle stall, additional costs are intended for the total volume. I am referring in particular, to cattle stalls at the farm in Ozery, equipped with the latest technology. Many features are used for the first time, including the width and length of a cattle stall,” Andrei Razin said.
(Source and photo: The Ministry of Agriculture of the Moscow Region official website)

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