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Goat livestock in Moscow region will double

The Moscow Region Government sees great potential in implementing projects in the area of goat milk production in the region, said Andrei Razin, Minister of Agriculture and Food of the Moscow Region, in the Government House of the Moscow Region at the V International Agricultural Dairy Forum.

According to our estimates, at least plus 100 thousand heads of goats is definitely the line that the market will swallow and will not even notice. Thus, the livestock of goats in the Moscow region can grow at least twice,” said Andrei Razin.

According to the minister, goat milk is hypoallergenic, a number of breeds of these animals give milk, which differs little in taste and smell from cow milk.

Goat milk production projects are also beneficial because goats require less space and feed than cattle,” said Andrei Razin.

Earlier, Andrei Razin reported that at the beginning of October 2018, the goat livestock in the Moscow region amounted to 65.2 thousand heads, of which over 34.5 thousand heads (52.5%) are in private subsidiary farms.

(Source and photo: official website of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Moscow Region)

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