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Feed complex to the basic diet of cattle for meat and meat breeds of all ages

Vendor code: 3180146
60 kg
Jellied briquette
Support for:
  • Beaf cattle
  • Milk cattle
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Product Overview

Series: Preventive
Preparative form: Jellied briquette
Composition: Vegetable protein, vegetable fat, easily fermentable carbohydrates (sugar), salt (sodium chloride) high purity, probiotic.
Macronutrients: Calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sulfur.
Trace elements: Copper, zinc, manganese, cobalt, iodine, organic selenium.
Vitamins: A, D3, E, B1, B6, C.
Metabolizable energy: 10.28 MJ/kg.


Feed complex for the basic diet of meat and dairy breeds of cattle of all ages with a restorative effect on animal organisms. It is a powerful immune modulator, antioxidant and hepatoprotector.


Individual waterproof buckets of food grade plastic, 60 kg.


Store in a cool, dry place at a temperature of 25°C or below, with humidity of 75%. Shelf life (provided the storage conditions are observed) is 6 months as from the date of production.


This product is made of natural components. It does not contain antibiotics, palm oil, hormones and GMOs. No side effects, contraindications or complications in use of the product. Meat and milk of animals can be used without limitations.


Put the briquette (container) in convenient location, providing easy access for animals. Accurate dosage is not required. The average daily consumption depends on individual needs of the organism. Gradual, uniform and regular flow of mixed components in the animal organism allows the most complete nutrients absorption. Permanent access to water for animals is required.

Nutrients Macronutrients Micronutrients Vitamins
325.1 g/kg
Ca (calcium) – 28.2% Zn (zinc) – 45% A – 100%
Protein: 35.6 g/kg Na (sodium) – 100% Cu (copper) – 12.4% D3 – 100%
Fats: 94.5 g/kg P (phosphorus) – 33.5% Co (cobalt) – 31.5% E – 150%
MA: 10.2 MJ/kg Mg (magnesium) – 100% I (iodine) – 100% B-group – 35%
S (sulphur) – 23% Se (selenium) – 130% C – 100%
Mn (marganise) – 47.3%
  • Reduces the aggressive action of free radicals, especially during bacterial, viral infections and toxicosis of various origins, including disorders of feeding and keeping conditions, leading to persistent changes in metabolism;
  • Normalizes metabolism;
  • Increases nonspecific resistance of animals;
  • Has anti-stress effect;
  • Reduces the risk of allergic reactions;
  • Stimulates regeneration processes in the body;
  • Prevents development of dysbacteriosis;
  • In complex treatment contributes to the rapid restoration of health.

Special instructions and data

Do not use for other animal species. Do not use salt, chalk, feed phosphate and other feed supplements while using this complex.

1 Preparative form Briquette Complied
2 Colour Corresponds to the set of components Complied
3 Specific Smell Specific without musty or other odors Complied
4 Mass fraction of moisture, less than % 13.0 8.5
5 Particle Size: residue on the sieve with the hole diameter 2 mm, % less than 60.0±1.5% Complied
6 Metalomagnetic impurities (particles larger than 2 mm with sharp edges) Not allowed Absent
7 General toxicity Not allowed Absent
8 Mass fraction of crude protein, g/kg Not specified 35.6
9 Mass fraction of digestible protein, g/kg Not specified 31.8
10 Mass fraction of fat, g/kg Not specified 94.5
11 Mass fraction of fast-digesting carbohydrates, g/kg 170 325.14
including sugar, g/kg 130 249.63
12 Mass fraction of salt, g/kg 200.0±10% 200
13 Mass fraction of !!!!!!!!, g/kg 25 25
14 Mass fraction of calcium, g/kg 28.0±10% 28.2
15 Mass fraction of phosphorus, g/kg 22.0±10% 22.3
16 Mass fraction of magnesium, g/kg 66.0±10% 66.5
17 Mass fraction of sulphur, g/kg 14.0±10% 12.9
18 Mass fraction of copper g/kg 85.0±10% 85
19 Mass fraction of zinc, g/kg 407.0±10% 407.7
20 Mass fraction of manganese, g/kg 402.0±10% 402
21 Mass fraction of cobalt, g/kg 4.0±10% 4
22 Mass fraction of iodine, g/kg 12.0±10% 12.4
23 Mass fraction of selenium, g/kg 1.3 1.33
24 Mass fraction of vitamin A (Supra), thousand IU/kg 270.0±15% 270
25 Mass fraction of vitamin D3, one thousand IU/kg 30.0±15% 30
26 Mass fraction of vitamin E in g/kg 1.3±15% 1.3
27 Mass fraction of vitamin B1 in g/kg 0.13±15% 0.137
28 Mass fraction of vitamin B6 in g/kg 0.04±15% 0.04
29 Mass fraction of vitamin C in g/kg 2.6±15% 2.6
30 Fodder units in 1 kg 1 1.166
31 Metabolizable energy in 1 kg 10 10.278

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